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Domestic Payment Operations

HALKBANK as a payment operations carrier has developed a fast, efficient and quality system for performance of payment operations, as one of the basic functions in banking operations, which offers its clients a service according to their needs.

According to the Law on Payment Operations (Official Gazette no. 113/2007) individuals and legal entities in order to participate in payment operations it is necessary to have open Denar transaction account, because the only way to perform the payments between participants in payment operations is the same to go through denar transaction accounts, which banks as payment operations carriers must report to the Single register of transaction accounts).

After the Bank will open a Denar transaction account, the client can perform all activities in the inner and outer clearing. Thereby may participate in:

  • The system of internal Settlements of the Bank - all payments to entities that also have account with the Bank
  • Systems for external settlement:
    - KIBS - Clearing Interbank System - through which are carried out all regular payments to the amount of 1.000.000,00 denars, which settlement is performed at the end of the accounting day
    - MIPS - Macedonian Interbank payment systems - through which are carried out all urgent payments and all payments on the amounts greater than 1.000.000,00 denars

In order to perform payment transactions for the customer are available, instruments prescribed in the Instructions on the form and the content of payment instruments for conducting payment operations in country as follows:

  • Cash
    - PP10 - cash paying
    - PP40 - cash payout
  • Non-cash
    - PP30 - non-cash transfer to another participant in the payment operations
    - PP50 - non-cash transfer, payments on the public revenue
    - PP53 - summary warrant for payment of the whole salary


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